About us

  "Interfoc-MS" S.R.L. performs the staging of large pyrotechnic views as well as medium and small pyrotechnic views using professional pyrotechnics. This includes production of outdoor fireworks scenic effects using pyrotechnics for indoor.
  Pyrotechnic products of household purpose are freely sold to the public. They are made in such a way that their use does not require any special knowledge and skills and not pose a danger to the environment and the user, if the security measures are complied with the safety precautions indicated on the product and in the memo of the buyer.
  Pyrotechnic products on the degree of risk relate to (I)-(III) hazard class according to GOST P 51270:1999. Depending on your desires, Our consultants will offer you a wide choice depending on your desires: fire installations, fountains, volcanoes, Bengal lights, cake candles, Roman candles, etc.